Struthiomimus sp. LG Hand Claw
66 Million Years BP
Late Cretaceous
Hell Creek Formation
Harding Country, South Dakota


Struthiomimus was a “bird mimic” dinosaur from North America.  Their long arms were tipped with sharp claws.  The claws of digits 2 and 3 were very straight (see SN-14), but the thumb claw, digit 1, was slightly opposed and curved.  Struthiomimus could have been capable of grasping its prey or causing deep slashing wounds.   Its long legs and compact body allowed it to run very fast.


This is a replica of the original fossil, cast in quality polyresin and hand painted.
Size: 5 inches
Material: polyresin (color may differ from replica to replica)
*Comes with a information card

Struthiomimus sp. Large Hand Claw | Replica Fossil