Gorgosaurus libratus Digit 1 (hallux) Claw
78 Million Years BP
Late Cretaceous
Foremost Formation
Albert, Canada


Gorgosaurus was one of three large theropods competing for prey among the great dinosaur herds of Late Cretaceous North America.  The first digit (digit 1) was turned decidedly rearward. It is also known as the hallux.  Its impressions have been found in some deep trackways, but in most situations, did not participate in the support of the foot. 


This is a replica of the original fossil, cast in quality polyresin and hand painted.
Size: 1 1/2 inches
Material: polyresin (color may differ from replica to replica)
*Comes with a information card

Gorgosaurus Digit 1 Claw | Replica Fossil