Anzu (Chirostenotes/Caenagnathid) Hand Claw

Anzu (Chirostenotes/Caenagnathid) Hand Claw


Anzu (Chirostenotes/Caenagnathid) Hand Claw
66 Million Years Ago
Late Cretaceous
Late Maastrichthian
Hell Creek formation
Harding county, South Dakota


Chirostenotes is a fast running bird-like dinosaur with long arms and wicked claws.  It has no teeth, but probably had a shark beak much like a modern raptorial bird.  It was a carnivore or scavenger, as its sharp beak and claws were able to strip flesh, while its long legs afforded it great speed to get away or chase down prey.

This is a replica of the original fossil, cast in quality polyresin and hand painted.
Size: 4 1/2 inches
Material: polyresin (color may differ from replica to replica)
*Comes with a information card

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